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Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur! This journey will be rough but with proper guidance, any ship will be able to navigate out a stormy sea, fear not!


CapitalVault is a platform which allows entrepreneur to acquire their first seeding fund. What sets us apart from others is our passion to ensure entrepreneurial success. Our team of dedicated and experienced business consultants will plan-out milestones and provide direct networking opportunity through our inner-circle for entrepreneurs; direct & accurate networking.


"No idea is a stupid idea, no mountain too high to scale"


Start the whole planning process of your million dollar idea, pen-down a draft and submit to us at




The thinking process is the biggest area of consideration, take consideration into available solutions (competitor), viability and market growth.

The importance here is not to over plan. Plan in phases, short, mid and long term for a start.

Every business plan is top secret so don't disclose them 100%. Write them in draft with high-level pointers with milestones and timeline.

Our team of business consultants will contact you for further clarification if required.

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